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Pool Excavating in Moneta, VA

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For pool excavating in Moneta, VA, reach out to Crawford Water Hauling Inc. You decided to finally buy that brand new swimming pool you dreamed of getting. Now the next phase of the project begins: installation. Are you planning on having a swimming pool in the ground? This is when the excavation process begins.


It is important for proper swimming pool installation that you have a contractor do the work. Some have square shapes while others are oval and even kidney shaped. That can also impact what size your deck is, too. Whatever your excavation needs are, make sure you have a contractor that you trust. Consider these factors before your builder puts shovels into the ground.

Different Conditions Can Impact How Safe It Is for Digging Your Pool

There are certain tests your swimming pool contractor will perform before digging. You should test your ground for salts, organic matter, clay, sand, gravel, and silt. These can all play a role in the digging conditions for your property. It is important your soil is in a good spot where it is ready for digging.


Your swimming pool contractor will then bring in their backhoes and haul away a lot of dirt. You should remember that your yard will take on damage during the excavation process. That is normal over the course of your project and is necessary for your installation to get done right.

We Install Proper Steel, Plumbing, and Electrical Work for Your Pool

Once we dig the swimming pool hole, we will move to the steel, plumbing, and electrical work. You will need this built up for your pump and filter systems. Your swimming pool contractor may put in your pipes below the ground inside concrete. It is also possible that it could get installed on top of a pad. It all depends on how well hidden you want it whenever you use your swimming pool once finished. If you are adding extra features including lights, water features, or a hot tub, that can add time.


Now Comes the Fun Part…Installing the Pool Shell for Your Home

Once we dig up your set up, now we get to the fun part. Installing your swimming pool shell with sprayed concrete will involve a couple steps. It will include building the steel-reinforced rebar skeleton. Gunite mixes well with the steel because they bond very well in the construction process.


Do you want your swimming pool installed in a tighter timeframe? Consider building a vinyl or fiberglass swimming pool for your property. These walls are generally already constructed. They get shipped already done and installed. The challenging part, with fiberglass is that you will need it leveled before use. You may need many adjustments before it gets secured into the ground.

Give Your Swimming Pool an Extra Landscape for Everyone to Enjoy

Now that your swimming pool’s base got constructed, it is now time to add on the extra features. What kind of decking do you want surrounding your swimming pool? Do you enjoy a concrete surrounding? What about hardwood? Now is the part where your swimming pool contractor makes those dreams come to life.


Consider what landscaping you want to surround your home getaway destination. Do you want shrubs around your swimming pool? What about flower beds to brighten up the area? Remember, the more complicated the set up you want, the longer it will take for the project to finish.

Keep Your Chemicals Well Stocked for the Life of Your Pool Area

Now that your pool dreams are a reality, remember you have maintenance work. Your contractor will get your equipment running and make sure you have a cleaner. Once your project gets done, make sure you have an abundant supply of swimming pool chemicals. That will help you maintain proper water balancing, and pH levels.


It is important that there is a limit for the total alkalinity and calcium hardness. These can influence the lifespan of your pool. Do you need help with determining the appropriate levels for your swimming pool? What about the chemicals to make them happen? Check out these excellent resources from Pool Care Guy.


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When you need the best professional pool excavation work, count on Crawford Water Hauling, Inc. in Moneta, VA. Are you looking to install a brand-new pool for your property? Do you need the best pool contractors in the area? Are you ready for your new pool oasis?


We are the area’s leader for superior pool excavation and construction projects. Our skilled workers use the best tools and get the job done in a safe and effective manner. We guarantee a proper construction project so you can enjoy a relaxing environment for years to come. Are you ready for the pool experience you deserve? Reach us today for an appointment and a free quote.

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